• Front Line Selection and Development
  • Manager/Professional Selection and Development
  • Senior Leader Selection and Development
  • Organizational Effectiveness


  • Each Talent-Based Solution provides an organization with a road map for sustained excellence through:
  • Consistent, objective recruitment and selection
  • Improved profitability, growth and people performance
  • Retention of highly talented employees
  • Reliable succession planning

Innovative Selection Programs

The automotive industry is a complex business that needs performance driven, talented, motivated, and customer centric associates to be successful as well as profitable. We understand that no two companies are the same; the Performance Team focuses on the uniqueness that separates excellence from average.

The most important asset and resource a dealer has is the people, for that reason we specialize in helping you select the best dealer management, dealer support, service advisors, technicians and more through our scientifically-validated Talent Online Assessments, recruiting dealer management, dealer support, service advisors, technicians, and more.

The process of seeking out, recruiting, screening, and hiring talented dealership personnel is a daunting and time-consuming task. We have partnered with Talent Plus, the leader in talent-based assessments for employee selection and development through the design and deployment of scientific, talent-based selection, development and organizational solutions driving sustainable business outcomes and maximizing human potential for our client partners.

Screening and properly placing current employees in the correct job roles for maximum effectiveness, productivity, and client satisfaction is as critical as the new hiring process.