One of the best ways to reengage lost clients and gain new ones is through an effective service or sale event. For the service department, service clinics can increase drive lane traffic, create new opportunities, and improve market penetration.

A successful service clinic improves dealer client relationships by establishing an intimate service experience.

The Performance Marketing Team has created a program that allows our clients a simple and effective means of initiating and selecting all the necessary elements of a successful event.


For the sales department, sales and event clinics like “New model introductions” create product and dealer client engagement as well as increases client interest. An effective sales clinic can drive new and pre-owned sales, increase opportunities for F & I product penetration, and create additional opportunities to grow your service business.

Our team has partnered with the most successful sales and service event companies in the nation to create a “Clinic in a Box” approach. We fully understand that most dealers do not have the time to properly plan the components of event such as; invitations, food, gift bags or giveaways.