With well over century of “hands-on” luxury brand and retail experience, we approach each project individually and objectively.Having “lived” in the automotive retail environment, our team fully understands “Fixed & Variable Operations” and deeply enjoys working with our dealer clients to assist them in achieving their desired performance goals.

Our executive team works to identify and focuses on areas of opportunity in all aspects of dealer operations and across all departments. We couple our “real-life” experience with our extensive array of programs, software, training, BDC Support, and recruiting tools at our disposal to deliver measurable results.

Our “ground-up” approach focuses on a multi-layered look at dealership operations which often starts with the “people & processes” making up the core of the dealers functionality. This approach affords our clients a 360-degree view of the dealership, provides a broader spectrum of information allowing us to present a more comprehensive situational analysis.

Our Services

  • On-site assessments for all departments
  • Service benchmarking
  • Fresh Start training
  • BDC Consulting & Training
  • KPI measurement
  • CSI Objectives Consulting
  • Service Advisor Coaching & Training

Identifying areas of improvement in a dealership is often the obvious focus of many consultants who perform on-site reviews. The challenge and often the shortcomings of this type of consultancy is the limited “follow-on” support provided to the dealer that actually provides effective solutions.

Our goal is not only to identify areas of opportunity; we want to work “hand in hand” with our clients well beyond the initial consultancy stage to ensure sustainability of any successes.

Our Performance Team “lives and breathes” the automotive industry and thoroughly enjoys working with dealerships to help drive business as well as client loyalty.


The team at Woolsey Performance Experts (WPEX) is dedicated to raising the performance of your organization and the success of your employees. The WPEX Team assess your strengths and areas that could be improved upon, then construct a customized solution to grow your business, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and increase your profitability.

Our consulting services help to clarify and align your organization’s strategies with business objectives and resources to ensure maximum performance in every area of your business.

Let us improve your dealership profitability through:
• Sales  and Customer service training
• Service and parts department training
• Service advisor mentoring and training
• In-dealership training and consulting
• Warranty training
• Leadership coaching and training
• Management consulting
• Increased customer satisfaction and retention
• Employee coaching
• Increased sales in auto service department

We provide content expertise in all areas of automotive and motorcycle dealership operations, with a special focus on service and parts operations. Delivering this expertise through training, coaching, and consulting, our unique approach helps our clients to strengthen the customer-focused behavior of their employees while improving business processes.